Innatical Cloud, your modern cloud service

Your next cloud provider. Focusing on customer-centric features and uptime, Innatical Cloud offers the easiest to use cloud services with the best security in the industry. Trusted worldwide as the go-to brand for professional and high-quality services. Treat your users to the best of the best. Nothing can compare to the security, performance, and ease-of-use of Innatical Cloud.


We offer the highest quality services with both maximum privacy, security, and usability, and all with modern, up-to-date scalable technology that rivals even the best of our competitors. Give your users the outstanding performance and experience they deserve with Innatical products, starting with the one and only VPS cloud hosting provider you'll ever need, Innatical Cloud!

PlanMemoryStorageMonthly Price
Starter2 GB32 GB$6
Professional4 GB64 GB$12
Small Business8 GB128 GB$24
Enterprise16 GB256 GB$48

What's in the box

When you purchase Innatical Cloud, you are immediately given access to a performant high-bandwidth server in our cloud with dedicated resources that you can interact with through our beautiful interface. An Innatical tech support representative is assigned to you to help resolve issues promptly with a familiar, human face instead of having to wait days for robotic responses.

Privacy, security, Innatical Cloud

Only you can access your Innatical Cloud servers. At Innatical, privacy and security are the core of our priorities which is why we developed industry-leading cybersecurity in Innatical Cloud, and built our own custom Inncryption encryption protocol. There is no cloud server as secure as Innatical Cloud.

Developers First

We believe in putting the developer first by giving them the tools they need to be productive. Innatical Cloud comes with a beautiful CLI and Terraform provider, so you can automate your infrastructure like never before.


We partner with other companies to help other startups grow stronger together with us, because we know that together we are stronger.